Fuel level sensor DUT-E GSM

it isDUT-E GSM a fuel level sensor for trucks, agricultural, railway, mining , road buiding equipment and  stationary tanks with the function of receiving signals from the navigation satellites GPS and GLONASS  and wireless data transmission according to GSM standard. DUT-E GSM measures the level of fuel in tank and determines unit location, generates and sends analytical reports with working parameters to the telematic services server and by e-mail and SMS.
The fuel level sensor DUT-E GSM is used to increase the efficiency of the use of vehicle fleet resources, the accounting of fueling and drains from the tank, to prevent theft of fuel.
The user (the operator or the owner of the fleet) in real time has the ability to quickly analyze the conditions of the fleet, based on the data received from DUT-E GSM:

  • location of the vehicle;
  • direction of movement of the vehicle;
  • vehicle speed;
  • fuel level in the tank;
  • volume of fuel in the tank;
  • fuel temperature;
  • onboard power voltage

Distinctive features fuel level sensor DUT-E GSM

    • Data transfer without the use of additional devices excludes the possibility of "incompatibility".


    • Remote diagnostics and configuration via the Internet saves time and resources of technical support.


    • Sending reports by e-mail and SMS allows the user to react quickly to the cahnges in perfomance of quipment.


    • Internal data processing (Parameter filtration and normalization, Events logging, Counters recording) for easier server operation and data traffic saving.


    • By S6 interface you can connect to DUT-E GSM  up to 7 pieces of DUT-E CAN fuel level sensors or DUT-E 2Bio CAN, 8 pieces DFM CAN or DFM Marine CCAN, FMSCrocodile, GNOM DP or DDE, as well as other analog sensors.


    • Unique self-diagnostics function allows real-time monitoring of sensor’s technical condition status.


    • Possibility to control several fuel tanks and fuel consumers simultaneously and data collection from the CAN bus.

    • Сonfiguration via Bluetooth by connecting S6 BT Service Adapter.





Working principle   capacitive
Onboard power, V   9...45
Operating temperature, оC   from -40 to +85
Current consumption  (DC 24/12V), mА   ≤ 50/100
Stand-alone operation time, h   4
Buffer memory capacity, no less
than  reports
  25 000
Protocol of data transmission
to the server
  IPM S6, Wialon IPS v.2.0

SIM card installation



Online fuel level monitoring  is possible only after installing and activating the SIM card in the fuel level sensor DUT-E GSM.  Real-time data sending to Server via 2G/3G technology. 

Simple and convenient installation of DUT-E GSM is the first step to efficient fleet management.

Using DUT-E GSM within S6 Telematics interface


The presence of CAN/S6 interface (J1939 protocol) allows DUT-E GSM to operate as part of Telematics interface and sum up to 7 pieces of DUT-E CAN fuel level sensors or DUT-E 2Bio CAN, 8 pieces DFM CAN or DFM Marine CCAN, FMSCrocodile, GNOM DP or DDE, as well as other analog sensors. This is a convenient solution for fuel monitoring of stationary tanks, which does not require using a Server and paying for it. DUT-E GSM automatically sends Reports on total fuel volume (up to 8 tanks) and separately on each tank directly by e-mail or as SMS messages.



DUT-E GSM records and processes the data for further transmission to the telematics Server. Server software processes and analyzes the received data to generate Analytical reports for a selected period of time


Preventing fuel spills, monitoring vehicles and optimizing work processes are guaranteed to lead to a significant reduction in fuel costs.


2 years from the date of manufacturing