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Power timer S6 PT-01

Power timer S6 PT-01

Power timer is designed to ensure the stable operation of the elements of Telematic system at the moments of switching on / off the engine.

Advantages of S6 PT-01:

Continuous operation of Telematics system in 24/7 mode while power supply from onboard network is switched off

Efficient protection of telematics sensors against influence of conductive interference and short circuits in onboard electrical network of vehicle

Long-term operation of telematics sensors while ignition is turned off and without a need of battery recharge

Automatic Tank Calibration Station

DUT-E ATS-1 Tank Calibration Station is made for automatic calibration of fuel tanks of vehicles as well as stationary fuel tanks/cisterns up to 3,00 liters, where fuel level sensor is installed. The station is controlled via Bluetooth from Android-based smartphone or tablet. Automatic calibration station speeds up fuel tank calibration process by 2-3 times and provides higher accuracy of fuel tank calibration.


Continuous filling of liquid provides higher accuracy of fuel tank calibration;

Automatic shut-off in case pressure/temperature limits are surpassed.

Quick coupling hoses fittings – camlock;


Automatic Tank Calibration Station

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