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Product Notation
Service DUТ-E v3.26 DUT-E AF, DUT-E 232, DUT-E 485, DUT-E CAN
ServiceS6 DUT-E v.5.4 DUT-E 2Bio CAN, DUT-E CAN produced after September 2017
ServiceS6_DUT-E_v2.5 DUT-E GSM produced before November 2017
ServiceS6 DUT-E v.5.4 DUT-E GSM produced after November 2017
Service S6 DFM v.1.24 DFM A232, DFM A485, DFM ACAN, DFM C232, DFM C485, DFM CCAN, DFM D232, DFM D485, DFM DCAN, DFM AK, DFM CK, DFM DK produced after January 2016
Service DFM v.4.1 DFM AK/CK/D with three-pin connector and DFM i produced before January 2016
Service MasterCAN v.3.2




Service_MasterCAN_Tool v 4.7.0 MasterCAN Tool For MasterCAN Tool firmware v. 8
Service_MasterCAN_Tool v4.3.3 MasterCAN Tool For MasterCAN Tool firmware v. 5
ServiceS6_MasterCAN_v.3.11 MasterCAN Display35, MasterCAN DAC15, MasterCAN DAC2113.
Service CANUp 27 Standard v.2.4 Service Software for CANUp 27 Standard, CANUp 11 v. 2.4
Service CANUp 27 Pro 3G v. 4.4 Service Software for CANUp 27 Pro 3G
ServiceOffline v1.2.10 CKPT offline
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