Contactless reader


Contactless data reader Crocodile allows to read the data about vehicle operation without any interruption into the vehicle electronic systems’ integrity.


Three models of Crocodile are used for:


  1. safe data reading from the CAN bus (CANCrocodile);
  2. safe data reading from the J1708 bus (1708Crocodile);
  3. petrol and gas consumption control via engine injectors impulses reading and converting (NozzleCrocodile).

Crocodile is used in GPS/GLONASS vehicle monitoring systems for getting information on fuel consumption, engine operation modes, sensors state, troubleshooting, etc.
Data reading is carried out without electrical connection to the wires. 
The usage of the contactless data readers Crocodile as a part of the transport telematics systems is absolutely safe for a vehicle, invisible for onboard computer, diagnostic scanner and for other electronic systems. Especially it`s relevant to use Crocodile in guarantee cases, when connection of any electronic devices often serves as a reason to cancel the guarantee.
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Key features

Technical characteristics

  • powered from on-board automobile network;
  • reads the signals via the insulation of wires;
  • easy to install and operate;
  • light indication modes;
  • no need in setting-up.
Supply voltage, V 10-50
Current consumption, mA ≤ 100
Operating temperature range, °С -40 …+85
Weight, kg, not more 0.1

Ordering information

Unit structure

 Crocodile. Ordering information
A contactless data reader Crocodile structure
      1 – housing;
2 – electronic board;
3 – LED indicators (power on, data transmission);
4 – connecting cable;
5 – connector for power supply and the receiving device.

Connection and operation

Contactless data reader Crocodile. Opened case  

open the Crocodile housing


Contactless data reader Crocodile. Opened case  

lay the corresponding wires into the slots of the
housing according to the marking


Contactless data reader Crocodile. Closed case  

close the housing until it clicks


Contactless data reader Crocodile. Closed case  

connect Crocodile to the tracker and power supply


CANCrocodile_data_reading     power supply is on
CANCrocodile_power_on     data reading
Examples of the Crocodile installation on the vehicle


Warranty period is 5 years from the date of manufacturing.

Useful links

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