Why fuel consumption control should be in the first place?

Why fuel consumption control should be in the first place?


Technoton, being a leading expert in fuel monitoring, would like to offer you a series of articles “Fuel consumption”. We are happy to start with the intro "Why fuel consumption control should be in the first place?"

How can we use fuel consumption knowledge?

Fuel comes in many forms with its ever rising cost; many people are becoming more aware of their fuel consumption. They make a conscious effort to cut down with their fuel usage to reduce energy cost. So what is fuel consumption? It is the amount of fuel used by a particular engine to run (as in the case of a vehicle or generator).

Emission Control: contribute to better ecology

Up to 30% - this is the number of CO2 emissions from the vehicle you can reduce due to rational fuel consumption, accordingly to the International Council on clean transportation.
The vehicular emissions are due to a variety of factors. Generally they can be divided in 3 big main groups:

  • Travel related factors (the number of trips, distance travelled and driving mode);
  • Highway Network related factors (these include the geometric design features of the highway such as grade);
  • Vehicle related factors (include the engine sizes, horsepower and weight of the vehicle).

Fuel consumption monitoring is the best solution to minimize emissions through fuel control and engine operating modes..

#2 Fuel theft prevention: fair payment for fair work

According to Technoton’s analysts the losses of transportation companies due to fuel theft can be from 10 % to 60 % of total fuel expenses. Thefts flourish if the monitoring is weak or does not exist.

Some of the most common frauds are:
  • Fake bill purchase;
  • Selling fuel coupons;
  • Collusion with the gas station operator;
  • Purchase of cheaper fuel from unauthorized source;
  • Draining from the tank with a hose into container.

So why not to put driver’s behavior under control? Business with reliable people is twice more pleasant.

#3 Service time control: have your vehicle always on the run

Always on-the-run transport is the way to make its owner feel secure. It’s possible due to fuel consumption control, which is also a service time period control, and also a good aid for counting the future expenses.
Furthermore, the lowest consumption rates can be achieved only on case the vehicle is fault free. In order to reduce maintenance expenses of each transport unit it is required to get regular information on its current technical condition and occurring faults.
Low-quality fuel usage prevention extends service time period as well.

Maooing out roads with low fuel consumption: drive with pleasure

Due to the research of United States environmental protection agency, driving in heavy intra city traffic with many stops per mile, long idling periods, low average speeds generally results in the poorest fuel economy. Driving on the highway at a constant speed usually results in better fuel economy.
So why not to kill two birds with one stone? With fuel consumption monitoring you can work out the best route, and the drivers will spend less time in annoying traffic jams.

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