Tracking Software

ORF Monitor

ORF Monitor is tracking software for different types of vehicles: highway and urban trucks, buses, road-building machinery, industrial and agricultural tractors, technological transport.

The purpose of ORF Monitor is remote tracking of vehicle location and operation parameters in real time, the accumulation of information in the dаtabase and preparation of analytical reports on the user’s request.
The main features of vehicle tracking software ORF Monitor:

  1. Operational control of transport: to show the vehicle location on the map and the current parameters in real time.
  2. Fuel monitoring: to control of the place, time and volume of refills, identifying fuel draining; the computation of the actual fuel consumption on dаta obtained from the flow meter, level sensor or from the CAN bus.
  3. Transport reports preparation: to show vehicle track according to GPS dаta, segments of traffic and parking points, engine operating time. Reports are prepared by vehicle tracking software as for one car, so as for a group of vehicles.

ORF Monitor is a universal vehicle tracking software which is not tied to any particular type of tracking devices. Simple, economical and flexible protocol allows you to connect any type of tracking devices operating via GPRS, CDMA, SMS and GSM communication channels. To use all the features of the software, vehicle equipment should contain a GPS receiver, fuel flow meter, fuel level sensor, engine speed sensor. It is also possible to use CAN bus instead of the mentioned sensors.

To work with ORF Monitor the user should have access to the Internet and you will be able to find out where and how your vehicles operate.

ORF Monitor vehicle tracking software

Real-time vehicle tracking server

ORF Corporate

ORF Corporate vehicle software tracking complex

Corporate server of transport control
ORF Corporate is a vehicle tracking software complex designed for large-scale companies with the total number of vehicle fleets up to 100. The total number of vehicles can be up to 20 000.
ORF Corporate server collects dаta both in real-time and in post-processing mode. Analytical reports can be prepared at the end of each calendar hour, day, week or month. The messages about the readiness of analytical reports are automatically sent to the registered users.The server monitors the completeness and accuracy of information, stably works in the automatic mode.Vehicle tracking software complex allows to integrate the information into the accounting systems, SAP, ERP. Analytical reports can be accessed through client application ORF Manager.Vehicle tracking software complex ORF Corporate is the best solution for transport control in holdings, large-scale companies, industry, municipal or public services.