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Apply for training:

+ 375 17 240-43-21

Monday – Friday
8:00 – 17:00 (UTC+03:00)

Technoton pays a lot attention to the technical training of employers, dealers and partners. More than 6 hundreds people from more than 25 countries  have already passed training course.


Training is conducted in Technoton office in Minsk eiither on-site combined with the installation of the equipment. There are three main programs of the training. Upon complection of the training tehe sertificate with a unique ID of rhe installer is provided.

Technoton provides training courses  for installation, adjustment and operation:

  • fuel level sensors DUT-E,
  • DFM fuel flowmeters,
  • contactless readers Crocodile,
  • GNOM axle load sensors,
  • terminals for transport monitoring  and telematic services.


Training is provided in Russian, English and Spanish (in other languages ​​- on request, with the assistance of  interpreter).

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