“Vehicle telematics” educational trainer


“Vehicle telematics” educational trainer




“Vehicle telematics” educational trainer


Controlled & monitored parameters:



Fuel volume in the tanks;

The presence of water in the fuel;

Events "Refueling" and "Drain from the fuel tank";

Fuel consumption in the fuel line in various  workloads idling, optimal, overload;

Engine operating time in different operating modes;

Oil pressure and temperature;

Fuel temperature;

Axle load;

Position of ignition key;

Opening of the door;

Indication of the overboard temperature;

Pressing the alarm button;

The location of the vehicle;

Speed of movement;

Other parameters.



Displayed data of "Vehicle telematics" educational trainer



"Vehicle telematics” educational trainer imitates operation of vehicle and is equipped with basic elements of vehicle telematics system. The educational  trainer allows to study principles of operation and interaction of vehicle telematics system elements, while imitated vehicle operates in various operation modes. The trainer allows you to obtain practical skills in connecting and configuring AVL equipment. "Vehicle telematics” educational trainer will be useful for vehicle telematics system providers, telematics hardware developers, technical universities and colleges.






Training students of "Land transportation" fields of study.


Training telematics equipment installation specialists.


Testing onboard vehicle equipment and telematics server.


Demonstrating possibilities of vehicle telematics system (exhibitions, seminars, show-rooms).

Demonstration of the vehicle telematics system


Delivery set



  Base part with control panel;

Electrical and hydraulic connectors;

Ignition switch;

Two fuel tanks with electric pump;

Fuel flowmeter;

Gas pedal;

Lorry dashboard Euro-4;

On-board computer;

Axle load sensor;

Alarm button;

GPS / GLONASS telematics unit;

access to telematics server;

two fuel level sensors in the tanks;

service kit for the fuel level sensor;

service kit of the fuel flow meter;

simulator-analyser of CAN bus;

instructions and documentation for  workshops;


Operation Manual;



 Transport telematics stand configurations