Technoton Partner seminar in Johannesburg

Flying to South African Republic to meet our Partners and conduct couple of fuel level sensor installations – that was the plan of Technoton team for the end of August. And the plan turned to reality – during the visit to Johannesburg the main goals were successfully achieved: sharing the recent updates and insights on fuel monitoring and vehicle telematics, using the opportunity to exercise in fuel level sensor DUT-E installation.

International sales specialist Grigory Voleiko was also presenting the idea of fuel consumption monitoring and in particular, described how fuel flow meters DFM are integrated into GPS tracking system.


Illustrated instruction on fuel level sensor DUT-E calibration

Fuel level sensor DUT-E installation illustrated


Grigory Voleiko shared the recent updates on DUT-E

Fuel level sensor functionality explained by Grigory Voleiko


Chief support engineer Viktor Panasyuk was showing how fuel level sensor is installed into fuel tank of truck and explaining which steps of instalaltion are the most important.


Fuel level sensor DUT-E installation starts from fuel tank inspection

The first step of successful installation is to inspect the fuel tank before the start.


Fuel level sensor DUT-E length cut is possible by 90% of initial

No matter what size of tank you have – you can always adjust the length of DUT-E


Fuel level sensor DUT-E is easy to install and requires just basic mechanical tools

Viktor Panasyuk finalizes the installation procedure of DUT-E to the fuel tank of  DAF truck


Proper installation of DUT-E helps to reduce fuel consumption

DUT-E is installed and connected to tracking device – ready for taking-off and chasing fuel economy