Technoton Organized Seminars in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

May 26 – June 8 Technoton specialists Grigory Voleiko and Pavel Savitskiy visited Vietnam and organized two seminars for our partners, Mekongwave Ltd. Pavel also gave a master class in DFM fuel flow meters maintenance for future service center specialists. The new regional service center opens autumn 2014 in Ho Chi Mihn.

We installed 10 sensors on different vehicles, from light commercial vehicles to trailer trucks. Among the installed sensors: DUT-E fuel level sensors, DFM fuel flow meters, NozzleCrocodile contactless readers.

Technoton reference. There are a lot of new vehicles in Vietnam. The biggest challenge for the business in the country is actual fuel consumption monitoring, with fuel theft prevention being a close second.

 Seminar for Technoton partners in Hanoi
Seminar for Technoton partners in Hanoi


 During the presentation. Retreiving and analyzing data from CAN bus
Technoton regional manager Grigory Voleiko explains how CANCrocodile works


DFM 250D differential fuel flow meter installed on an engine
DFM 250D installed on Hyundai HD-700