Technoton in Colombia

Bienvenido a Colombia! Technoton is back in Colombia! Our team went to Medellín (Colombia) to train technical specialists of integrator and conduct installation supervision of DFM fuel flow meters on public transport.

Alexandra (business development manager for Latin American region) and Andrei (technical support engineer) trained technical specialists of our integration partner on finding proper place for DFM 100 DCAN installation, fuel flow meter mounting and configuration.

Technoton Colombia teamPilot project includes equipping Marcopolo buses running on Isuzu engines. The task – fuel consumption monitoring of buses serving public transport lines, goals – to develop measures on cutting fuel costs and decreasing CO2 emission.

Marcopolo bus monitoring

To do this, it is important to measure fuel consumption and operation time of engine in different workloads: idle, optimal, overload. Parameter values are measured by DFM fuel flow meter and transferred via on-board tracking device to web-based telematics service ORF4.

ORF Service Bus tracking