Technoton Congratulates a Long-time Partner: The 70th Anniversary of MAZ!

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Technoton team is happy to congratulate our long-time partner, Minsk Automobile Plant, on the 70th anniversary of its foundation!

Minsk Automobile Plant is one of the most recognized Belarusian brand. Vehicles manufactured by MAZ work reliably in the toughest conditions, they are a common sight on the highways of many countries.

MAZ and Technoton share a long and productive partnership history. Our companies have been working together for more than 10 years, developing vehicle telematics and remote diagnostics solutions.

We wish our partner new, bigger challenges and ambitious projects in the future!

Technoton reference. MAZ and Technoton have been working together since 2004. Our fruitful partnership led to the development of a range of devices and systems designed to improve usability and technological advancement of MAZ vehicles.

A few examples:

  • the development of autonomous fuel consumption system CKPT 31 M for MAZ vehicles, manufactured 2005-2007 for The Ministry of Agriculture of Belarus;
  • the creation of BSKD T-60 with axle load monitoring for MAZ 5440/6430A9;
  • the installation of CKPT 45 on the MAZ vehicle, competing in The Silk Way Rally, providing real-time GPS monitoring during the event;
  • the development of MazOnLine system for MAZ Euro 4 automobiles.