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Telematics system for waste truck fleet

Tasks solved by garbage truck monitoring system

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    Tracking places and time of garbage loading/ unloading

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    Monitoring truck body filling-up and measuring axle load

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    Accurate fuel monitoring and theft prevention

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    Remote diagnostics of engine and equipment

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    Detection of unloading in disallowed locations

garbage truck monitoring

Some of the main difficulties in waste management are illegal dumping of solid household waste (SHW) in forbidden places (away from landfill) and inefficient collection and transportation of garbage.

That’s why first and foremost, garbage truck monitoring system is focused on truck location tracking and monitoring of operation of its attached equipment (blade, plate, etc).

Garbage truck monitoring system allows to monitor garbage level in truck’s body, track places of SHW (waste) loading and unloading using axle load data and GPS coordinates, also helps to detect and prevent any attempts of unauthorized unloading of garbage – 24/7 online over the Internet.

Additionally, waste truck telematics system records main parameters of truck operation – route, speed, RPM, fuel consumption, engine health. The data is used for detecting inefficient or even malicious truck operation, e.g. underload, idling, speeding, harsh braking, fuel theft etc.

First and foremost, a garbage truck monitoring system provides monitoring of attached equipment. The main difficulties in this field are: illegal garbage disposal and dumping of solid household waste in forbidden places. Garbage truck monitoring system allows to remotely monitor a filling-level of a garbage truck’s body, locations of hard domestic waste loadings and main parameters of operation of the truck. Moreover, it helps to detect any attempts of unauthorized unloadings of garbage and manipulations with fuel in time.

Waste truck telematics solution by Technoton allows to unite in one single monitoring system all the sensors installed in a truck together with all additional telematics hardware and equipment. In addition, a direct measurement of fuel consumption helps to increase fuel economy, respond promptly to changes in the technical condition of a vehicle and plan maintenance taking into account wear of vehicles.

Garbage truck operation parameters monitored

  • Garbage truck’s GPS position, route, mileage, speed
  • Filling-level of garbage truck’s body
  • Truck axle load, alarms on exceeding load per axle
  • Places and time of garbage loading and unloading
  • Detection and alarming on unloading away from landfill or geozone
  • Instant and total fuel consumption in “Idling”, “Optimal”, “Overload” mode of an engine operation
  • Fuel volume in tank, detection of fuel tank fill-up and fuel theft from tank
  • Total operating time and split by “Idling”, “Optimal”, “Overload” modes of an engine operation
  • Engine health, DTC, malfunctions in truck’s ECUs and components

Garbage truck parameters monitored in ORF4

Garbage truck monitoring system

Garbage truck monitoring system

Waste truck telematics solution by Technoton allows to unite all the standard vehicle sensors and additional telematics equipment into a single monitoring system. Among additional equipment – direct fuel consumption measurement devices, sensors for fuel tank, CAN bus data readers, which allow to increase fuel economy, respond promptly to changes in engine health and plan maintenance taking in account real condition of a truck.

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