Fuel consumption monitoring for agricultural machinery


Complex solution for agricultural machinery includes fuel consumption monitoring and control of technical parameters of tractors, combines and another agricultural machinery that are used in agribusiness and farms.


Why do you need fuel consumption monitoring?



Cancellation of fuel by established norm doesn’t give clear indication of  fuel costs and doesn’t show the consumption for technical operations. Specific working conditions such as weather, terrain, soul structure, demanded depth of ploughing  have an impact on results of fuel consumption monitoring. Machine operators and drivers can use this conditions for their own purposes , for example:

  • Thief the rests of fuel that came from  violation technological requirements such as demanded depth of ploughing.
  • Carry out third party jobs during the working day.
  • Don’t switch off the engine during the brakes.
  • Don’t calculate exact quantity of fuel for duty, that can lead to downtime because of refueling.
  • Negligence in maintains terms entails accelerated damage of equipment.




Fuel consumption monitoring provides  you with accurate and reliable data about real consumption and helps to ascertain the facts of fuel theft and misappropriating. This can help to reduce fuel costs up to 30%

Moreover permanent fuel consumptioncontrol and fuel system control prevent  system malfunction and  helps to plan maintains timely.

Fuel control in the tank

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Do you still rely on established fuel consumption norms?



Due to CKPT  leading players in agribusiness reduce transport costs and improve their profitability annually.


Individual development of solution helps to:

  • Expeditiously find out the irregularities of machinery by the flow rate.
  • Reduce refueling time, prevent fuel overflow and increase mileage without refueling.
  • Optimize mean annual fuel consumption up to 30%.
  • Decrease spear parts expenses and maintain costs life-cycle.
  • Get better quality assessment of maintains.

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Complex solution for agricultural machinery


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