Fuel level sensors DUT-E


Service DUТ-E for fuel level sensors DUT-E AF, DUT-E 232, DUT-E 485, DUT-E CAN: Service DUТ-E v3.26 (zip, 6921.3 kB)

Fuel level sensors DUT-E GSM


Service S6 for fuel level sensors DUT-E GSM:  Service S6 DUT-E v.2.5 (zip, 21 MB)


Fuel flow meters DFM


Service S6 DFM for fuel flow meters DFM A232, DFM A485, DFM ACAN, DFM C232, DFM C485, DFM CCAN, DFM D232,

DFM D485, DFM DCAN: Service S6 DFM v1.15 (zip, 21,3 MB)

Firmware update DFM (exluding DFM CAN): Firmware update v.4.33 (zip, 100Kb)

Firmware update DFM CAN: Firmware uptade v.4.36 (rar, 100Kb )

Service DFM for fuel flow meters DFM AK/CK/D with three-pin connector and DFM i: Service DFM v.4.1 (zip 11.6 MB)

Vehicle data interface MasterCAN


Service MasterCAN for vehicle data interface MasterCAN: Service MasterCAN v3.2 (zip, 15243.4 kB)

Service S6 for MasterCAN DAC15 digital to analog converter: Service S6 MasterCAN DAC 15 v1.3 (zip, 22 MB)


Service CKPT offline: ServiceOffline v1.2.10 (zip, 4300 kB)



CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers (zip, 3.7 MB)