Operation tests of a new device for fuel control have been successfully completed.

Contactless reader NozzleCrocodile Tests of NozzleCrocodile contactless reader device for the petrol and gas consumption monitoring have been completed. Test results within several vehicle tracking systems have confirmed that the device can be applied for the fuel consumption control of small commercial vehicles and that all specifications stated by the manufacturer are fulfilled.

NozzleCrocodile reader tests were conducted simultaneously in several vehicle tracking systems with trackers from the different manufacturers. NozzleCrocodile can be connected to almost any telematics terminal. The only one requirement is availability of the input for connection of pulse fuel flow meter. At the same time, NozzleCrocodile is the only solution on the market for gas consumption control.


Testing was conducted on different types of vehicles: passenger cars, pickups, vans. NozzleCrocodile has shown excellent results for both petrol and gas: error-free reading the control signals of the engine injector and converting into normalized impulses, which number is proportional to the volume of the consumed fuel.

Use of NozzleCrocodile allowed to get data on instant fuel consumption and to operate with the fuel consumption counter. Moreover, during the test, the precision of the latest feature was revealed. Accuracy is equaled to 1.3% what is quite a good result!

Experts who did the tests pointed out that the new device is easy to install and few time costs for installation is required.

In case you wish to purchase NozzleCrocodile contactless data reader, please, contact Technoton representatives or call (+ 375 17) 298-10-02.

Data layout on fuel consumption received with the help of NozzleCrocodile

Data layout on fuel consumption received with the help of NozzleCrocodile