Fuel consumption measurement up to 4000 L/h. DFM Marine – new flow meters by Technoton.     Technoton introduces new product line of fuel flow meters – DFM Marine, for measurements up to 4,000 L/h. DFM Marine fuel flow meter is designed for monitoring of real fuel consumption and working time of river and sea ... Read more

Technoton in Colombia

Bienvenido a Colombia! Technoton is back in Colombia! Our team went to Medellín (Colombia) to train technical specialists of integrator and conduct installation supervision of DFM fuel flow meters on public transport. Alexandra (business development manager for Latin American region) and Andrei (technical support engineer) trained technical specialists of our integration partner on finding proper ... Read more

NEW! CANCrocoLITE contactless reader!

NEW! CANCrocoLITE contactless reader – compact minimalistic design of well-known CANCrocodile reader, used for safe data reading from CAN bus retaining integrity of wires’ insulation. Installation of contactless CAN reader in personal cars and light commercial vehicles is often complicated because of limited space in place of installation – dozens and hundreds of wires are ... Read more

How telematics system works? Learn with Technoton!

«Vehicle telematics» training stand is made by Technoton to provide extensive possibilities for technicians, programmers and developers to learn how modern telematics systems works. It helps in training on equipment setting-up and operation for newcomers and qualification increase for professionals in the sphere of vehicle telematics.   Training stand is equipped with two fuel tanks ... Read more

Technoton Wishes You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear friends, colleagues, and partners of Technoton, Happy New Year!   We have accomplished a lot in 2014 together: new fuel level sensors DUT-E CAN (CAN bus interface) and DUT-E AF (frequency and analog output) have been released; new Crocodile contactless readers modifications, compound inflation problem has been fixed; differential fuel flow meters have become ... Read more

Fuel flow meters DFM 250HP и DFM 500HP – power beyond the limit

Technoton releases a special modification of DFM 250 and DFM 500 differential fuel flow meters – "HP" version designed for heavy duty applications. Key features of the version – increased maximum limit of hourly fuel consumption per chamber up to 350 L/h and 600 L/h, increased calibration interval.   DFM 250HP and DFM 500HP will ... Read more

New product video – Power timer

  Technoton expands capabilities of telematics systems. Now information is available even when the ignition of vehicle is turned off. Also, Power timer provides reliable protection against pulses occurring due to transition process in on-board power system. In our new video you can find use and application of power timer S6 PT-01.   With the ... Read more

DUT-E design upgrades: more reliable, convenient and accurate

  Ergonomic finger recesses of sensor body help to easily lock the sensor in the bayonet mounting bracket. Even more robust mounting plate. Cover fastening screws are placed at the bottom side of the sensor head and are not accessible after mounting. Two pieces of 2A fuses are included into the delivery set for a ... Read more

Power timer – the solution for 24/7 telematics system control

      Technoton presents new useful addition for telematics system power management. Power timer PT-01 allows 24/7 data gathering from elements of vehicle telematics system: terminal unit, fuel level sensors, axle load sensors and other devices. Monitor parameters of your vehicle with ease whenever you need. How it works? Fuel level monitoring with power ... Read more