New Video: S6 Advanced Telematics Interface

Technoton specialists created a new video: S6 advanced telematics interface.

S6 is a SAE J1939 based system of cables and protocols designed to collect information from external sensors or peripheral devices in conjunction with data acquisition of one or more vehicle CAN buses.

S6 Features:

  • J1939 compatible protocol
  • safe and reliable cable system
  • 864 unique telematics SPN

S6 Advantages:

  • For system integrators. An ability to control a large number of vehicle parameters with one tracking device. Significant expansion of functionality. Modular and extensive onboard equipment. Comprehensive control of complex machines.
  • For circuit engineers. An opportunity to leave CAN bus as a single interface in a tracking device.
  • For programmers. Data-rich addition to the standard protocols. Easy integration of sensors and peripherals.
  • For installation specialists. A separate system specifically designed for telematics applications. A single point power connection. Low risk of installation mistakes.



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