NEW! CANCrocoLITE contactless reader!

NEW! CANCrocoLITE contactless reader – compact minimalistic design of well-known CANCrocodile reader, used for safe data reading from CAN bus retaining integrity of wires’ insulation.

Installation of contactless CAN reader in personal cars and light commercial vehicles is often complicated because of limited space in place of installation – dozens and hundreds of wires are tightly tied together, significantly obstructing installation of additional devices. Especially for such situations, Technoton releases new product within model line of Crocodile contactless CANbus readers.

Compact frameless design allows safe connection to CAN bus wires even in hardest-to-reach places of car – without damaging wires and interfering in integrity of on-board electronic circuits. Due to simplicity of use and ease of installation, CANCrocoLITE becomes a basic solution for obtaining available data on fuel consumption, engine operation modes, sensors’ status and presence of malfunction in personal cars and light commercial vehicles.

Learn more on the web-page of CANCrocoLITE and contact us to get more technical info and prices.

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