MasterCAN Vehicle Data Interfaces Announced by Technoton

Technoton announces a new line of products released this year – MasterCAN vehicle data interfaces, a brand-new solution of the company created to provide secure and flexible data reception, conversion, and transmission to vehicle tracking terminals.

MasterCAN vehicle data interfaces are designed for CAN (SAE J1939) and J1708 (SAE J1587). The devices come in 3 models: MasterCAN CC, MasterCAN C 232/485, and MasterCAN V-GATE. Depending on the model, CAN, RS-232, and RS-485 output interfaces are used.


Vehicle Data Interface MasterCAN CC Vehicle Data Interface MasterCAN C 232/485 Vehicle Data Interface MasterCAN V-GATE


MasterCAN vehicle data interfaces provide a whole range of tasks, from receiving the information from multiple onboard vehicle buses to converting data from vehicle bus formats to more common RS-232 and RS-485.

Our exclusive Telematics feature of MasterCAN interfaces minimizes network and CPU load of a tracking device by transmitting only the most vital telematics information about a vehicle, packing it into compact Telematics messages. In other words, Telematics serves as an addition and further development of the FMS standard, which is also supported by MasterCAN interfaces.

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