Letter from Technoton Director to the employees, dealers and partners


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Dear colleagues,
I would like to inform you about main events and results of 2011 for the Technoton company and to share the plans for year, 2012.

Good points

In 2011, the Technoton company was the first one in our market who had implemented the system of quality management ISO 9001-2008, and it was done not only on paper, as it often happens, but in practice. As a result, the level of warrantable failures was steady low.

As of December, the level of warrantable failures for the differential flow meters DFM 250D was 0%, for the fuel level sensors was 0.46%. The level of claims for the single-chamber flow meters was a bit higher – 1.5%, mainly due to LCD screen failures. In the middle of the year, the LCD was replaced, so the level of failures is expected to go down. Flow meters without screen have failure level around 0%.

The principle of "geographical" extensions began to give results as well: almost 30% of goods are delivered to the far-abroad countries. Our sensors and terminals operate in 55 countries around the world, including the USA, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain.

Volume of deliveries in the traditional Technoton regions like Russia, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, and the Baltic States is also steady. Successful cooperation with plants Rostselmash and Pervomaiskhimmash goes on.

The distribution program was developed. We got the first regional distributors in the USA, Poland, India, Kazakhstan, as well as branch-wise in dealer network of Locarus.

Flow meters DFM and fuel level sensors DUT-E were tested for the compatibility with online terminals of the leading manufacturers. The coordinated connection schemes and recommendations for the set-up will enable the dealers Falcom, M2M, SCOUT, Locarus, Galileo to connect flow meters and fuel level sensors faster and more accurately.

In 2011, a new product was introduced to the market: CAN Crocodile is the first product from the MasterCAN product line – CAN "Tools".

In such "job-proved" field like flow meter installation that was developed by Technoton in 2003-2005 and that became a "de facto” standard in the automobile flow metering the passing year has brought a surprise: new "semi-differential" scheme (or Koloshinskiy scheme – in the honour of its inventor who is one of our dealers) was offered and verified. Semi-differential scheme combines the best properties of single-chamber schemes and the capacity of the differential diagrams, i.e. the minimum intervention into diesel fuel supply.

There was a substantial update of the terminal CKPT 25, to be more precisely: display of tracks, the accuracy of distance measurement, passport of the vehicle and other were improved.

In 2011, Technoton constructors have done a great job to create the normative base for the automobile telematics systems. The development of a standard S6 range is almost completed that will lay the foundation for the development of "intelligent" on-board equipment for several years ahead and provide innovative Technoton leadership for such products like fuel flow meters, fuel level sensors, combined telematics terminals.

Bad points

Year, 2011 was very difficult in terms of financial management – everyone knows that there was financial crisis in Belarus, and the national currency lost its values almost in 3 times. The Technoton company has successfully passed through these difficulties due to in advance developed organizational structure that has enabled to minimize losses of the enterprise.

Product development of CKPT 26, CAN monitor and CAN Gate is almost finished, but because the vision of the tasks for these products was changed and there is a necessity to unify the protocols, the release of these products is shifted to year, 2012.

In 2011, it was not quite managed to overcome the stereotypes of some partner companies who are now wary of cooperation with our company because they faced some failures of our product in the past or some shortfalls in the training of our staff.


Plans for year 2012

  • Development of the test database and training courses for the installers.
  • Update of the OMSD for the vehicle plants MAZ, KAMAZ, UralAz.
  • Release of new products:

             – non-contact type "injector fuel flow meter" to apply them in passenger cars, vans, pickups;
             – monitor of the driver;
             – Gate (gateway) CAN-CAN, CAN-232/485;
             – single-chamber and differential fuel flow meters with a new measuring camera 500 l/h.

  • Significant decrease in price for mounting kits DFM.
  • Metrological certification of DFM and DUT-E, the establishment of a network of verification laboratories in Russia, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine.
  • The establishment of regional warehouses in major regions.
  • Organizing number of partner seminars in Russia, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, Baltic States, Poland.

Thank to the employees, dealers and partners for productive work in the passing year!
We are pleased to know that at year-end 2011, the Technoton company has maintained and strengthened its leading position in the market of fuel flow control devices. I hope that in 2012, there will be no End of Days because it is the only thing that could prevent Technoton to develop.














With best regards,
Kaplunskiy Aleksandr