Installation of DFM Marine fuel flow meter on a CAT 777 mining truck skip to Main Content

Installation of a DFM Marine CCAN fuel flow meter for heavy machinery on an off-road mining truck Caterpillar 777. Differential mode of operation of the flowmeters is used – one DFM Marine flowmeter is installed in a fuel supply line, the second DFM Marine – in the “return”. Fuel flow meters are installed according to the “pressure” scheme, i.e. after fine mesh filter and diesel fuel injection pump.

Data, transmitted to telematics unit (GPS tracker):

  • Instant differential fuel consumption
  • Total fuel consumption
  • Fuel consumption in a fuel supply line
  • Fuel consumption in the “return”
  • Fuel consumption and engine operating time in different engine operating modes:
    “Idling”, “Optimal”, “Overload”, “Tampering”.