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Подключение топливопровода

Connecting fuel hoses


General view of installation. Pic.1


General view of installation. Pic.2


Amkodor 344 engine


General view of installation. Pic.3

Подключена одна камера дифференциального расходомера топлива DFM

One of DFM flowmeter’s chambers is connected to fuel line


Fuel line is connected to high pressure (injection) pump

Защита проводов DFM

Signal cable is protected with corrugated tube

Соединение 2 топливопроводов

Custom solution to connect two fuel lines

Процесс установки DFM на Амкодор 344

Injection pump. View from top

Подключение расходомера DFM

Feed and return fuel lines are connected to DFM differential fuel flow meter

Процесс монтажа расходомера топлива

Signal cable is fixed with cable ties

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