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Komatsu PC1800-Hydraulic Excavator has two engines: front and rear. On each engine single a couple of DFM Marine fuel flow meters for heavy machinery is installed. Differential and for pressure mounting scheme of flowmeter installation in the fuel line of a career excavator. Both couples of DFM Marine CCAN operate in differential mode. Master-flowmeter receives data on instant fuel consumption from slave-flowmeter and calculates the value of the differential fuel consumption (the so-called built-in function “computer consumption”). Data, transmitted to telematics unit (GPS tracker):

  • Instant differential fuel consumption
  • Total differential fuel consumption
  • Fuel consumption in supply line (Master-fuel flow meter)
  • Fuel consumption in return line (Slave -fuel flow meter)
  • Operating time of each engine in  “Idling”, “Optimal”,  “Overload” mode