Flowmeter with pulse interface

Fuel flowmeter DFМ with a display and pulse interface is designed for fuel consumption measurement both autonomously and as a part of fuel monitoring and vehicle tracking system.

The information of vehicle fuel consumption is represented on the metereing unit display, and also is given in the pulse interface.

Fuel flow meter DFM with pulse interface




Operating Principle

An instant fuel consumption, total fuel consumed value and engine operating time in various modes are represented on the display of  fuel flowmeter DFМ.

The flowmeters keep working in a case of power failure or switching off the interface cable. The dаta on fuel consumption and operating time of the vehicle during the absence of connection with central dаtabase still can be viewed on the fuel metering unit display.

Fuel flowmeters DFМ are compatible with any GPS trackers which have discrete or pulse input 0-32V, for example, online vehicle tracking terminal CKPT 45.


Digital fuel flowmeter DFМ with pulse interface can be used to create a fuel consumption accounting system at the enterprise, by analogy with the autonomous fuel counter.

Nevertheless, in difference from the autonomous counter, the metering unit with an output can serve as a basis for the fuel consumption accounting system, in which fuel consumption dаta is automatically collected and stored in a centralized dаtabase. A tracker fulfills the tasks of communication, interpretation and dаta storage in such a system.

It should be noted that in this case the creating of the fuel consumption accounting system in the company may be realized step by step. On the first step the fuel flow meters are installed. The fuel consumption accounting system can work in manual dаta collecting mode.

The second step means the installation of trackers and centralized dаtabase – the fuel consumption accounting system switches into automatic dаta collection mode.


Impulse Parameters

Impulse parameters of fuel flow meters DFM


Warranty period for  DFM logo fuel flow meters is 3 years from the date of manufacturing; the measuring chamber resource must not be exceeded.