Differential Fuel flow meter

Differential fuel flow meter DFМ is designed for diesel fuel consumption measurement in the fuel line of vehicles and installations. Differential fuel consumption meter DFМ may be used both with vehicle tracking system and fuel monitoring system installed on motor vehicles with modern EURO (TIER) 3/4/5 diesel engines. Differential fuel meter DFМ is used to measure the fuel consumption of vehicles, where it is not possible to apply the single-chamber diesel meter and the installation scheme with the return fuel line ringing. DFM differential fuel flow meter


Model Chamber volume, ml MIN flow rate in each chamber, l/h MAX flow rate in each chamber, l/h
DFМ 100 D, D232, D485, DCAN 5 10 100
DFМ 250 D, D232, D485, DCAN 12.5 50 250
DFМ 500 D, D232, D485, DCAN 20 100 500

Operating Principle

The operating principle of differential diesel meters is to calculate the fuel consumption as a difference between the flow rates in supply and return fuel lines of the engine. Differential fuel consumption meter DFМ consists of two three-dimension ring type measuring chambers. Each chamber generates the impulse, when the volume of fuel (which is equal to the measuring chamber volume) passes through it. Electronic scheme is responsible for the impulses deduction and output impulses formation. For the 1 liter of consumed fuel DFM generates the number of impulses, which is marked on the meter harness.


Differential fuel flow meter is mounted into the fuel line of a vehicle without changing the fuel system scheme.

Differential diesel meter DFМ can operate with GPS trackers which have discrete or pulse input 0-32V, for example, with dаta logger CKPT 31 Lite, vehicle tracking device CKPT 45.
INSTALLATION AFTER THE FUEL PUMP Differential fuel flow meter DFM installed after the fuel pump INSTALLATION BEFORE THE FUEL PUMP Differential fuel flow meter DFM installed before the fuel pump


Warranty period for DFM logo fuel flow meters is 3 years from the date of manufacture under condition the flowmeter was re-calibrated in accordance with the values above.