APU 5 Automated Test Installation


APU 5 automated test installation is designed for verification of both single-chamber and differential liquid fuel flow meters.
It is used for calibration and verification of fuel flow meters manufactured by Technoton (DFM, DFM D), Aquametro (VZO, VZD, VZP), and others.
In APU 5 automated test installation volume-based measurement method is used. The device is used in service centers for calibration purposes.

Delivery Package

The device is supplied with a set of cables, 2 and 5 liter measuring tanks, an М14×1.5 connecting pipe, and a thermometer.
Documentation: a specification, an operation and maintenance manual.
Automated test intallation for calibration of DFM fuel flow meters

Optional equipment
Option 1. A metrological certification methodology manual.
Option 2. An ECU (electronic control unit): server software, 2-channel interface adapters K-Line, CAN, J-Tag.

  • Calibration methodology manual for DFM fuel flow meters with K-Line and J-Tag interfaces.
  • Semiautomatic verification methodology manual for DFM fuel flow meters with K-Line interface.
  • Calibration and verification reports printing.

Manufactured on pre-order basis, time of delivery – 2 months.


Warranty assurance – 24 months since the date of manufacturing.
Mean lifetime – 10 years.


Testing (working) fluid
Kinematic viscosity, mm²/s
Diesel fuel
Error of volume measurement, % ±0,3
Testing rate, l/h
Range A
Range B
Error of rate setting, %
Range A
Range B
Number of simultaneously verified fuel flow meters, pcs single-chamber – 2
differential – 1
Interfaces, pcs pulse – 2;
K-Line – 2;
J-Tag – 2 (when using ECU)
Maximum pressure, mPa 0,5
Weight, kg, not more than 100
Dimensions, mm, not more than 1300х700х2000
Power supply, V/Hz ~220/50
Power consumption, W, not more than 1000