Fuel Level Sensors at a glance

Fuel Level Sensors at a glance

In the previous dispatches we have learned why it is so important to monitor fuel, as well as the main methods of fuel monitoring from Technoton company.


A fuel level sensor (or FLS) is installed into a fuel tank. It usually works as a part of telematics system and serves to determine level of fuel in the tank and transfers this data to user's computer via GPS tracker.


Nowadays the market offers a number of different FLS types, which differ in the principle of operation.


Float fuel level sensor


Detects resistance depending on float position.
+ cheap;
+ usually already installed by the manufacturer;
- inaccurate;
- fuel fluctuations dependent;
- noise affected output signal.


Ultrasonic Fuel level sensor


Transmits ultrasonic pulses toward fuel tank bottom. Reflected ultrasonic waves are received by the sensor and converted into output interface.
+ for any type of liquids;
- inaccurate, needs "ideal" maintenance conditions;
- complicated installation process.

Pressure fuel level sensor


Detects pressure inside of the fuel tank and converts it into output interface.
+ for any type of liquids;
- not applicable for mobile units;
- expensive;
- highly affected by environmental pressure changes.


Dipstick fuel measurement


Detects height of fuel in the tank visually. Fuel volume can be calculated mathematically based on fuel tank dimensions.



Capacitive fuel level sensor


Detects change of capacitance due to the influence of fuel in between measuring electrodes. Electronics determines changes of capacitance in the form of output interface.
+ highly accurate;
+ can be used on any fuel tank (mobile/stationary);
+ value for money;
- can be used for non conductive liquids only.


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