Fuel flow meters DFM 250HP и DFM 500HP – power beyond the limit

Technoton releases a special modification of DFM 250 and DFM 500 differential fuel flow meters – "HP" version designed for heavy duty applications. Key features of the version – increased maximum limit of hourly fuel consumption per chamber up to 350 L/h and 600 L/h, increased calibration interval.


DFM 250HP and DFM 500HP will be most interesting for use in tracking systems of technological vehicles – fuel consumption and engine working hours monitoring of mobile rigs or other high power special machinery.


Release of DFM 250HP and DFM 500HP fuel flow meters became possible by strengthening the design and improving surface of friction elements of flow meters, as well as by using special method of measuring chambers calibration.

Fuel flow meters DFM 250HP and DFM 500HP


  DFM 250 HP
DFM 500 HP
Maximum consumption per chamber 350 L/H 600 L/H
Calibration interval 350,000 litres 600,000 litres
Output interface

DK – pulse, RS232-485, CAN/S6

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