DUT-E design upgrades: more reliable, convenient and accurate

DUT-E CAN fuel level sensor


  • Ergonomic finger recesses of sensor body help to easily lock the sensor in the bayonet mounting bracket.
  • Even more robust mounting plate.
  • Cover fastening screws are placed at the bottom side of the sensor head and are not accessible after mounting.
  • Two pieces of 2A fuses are included into the delivery set for a safe electrical connection of the sensor to vehicle power supply system.
  • Upper “dead” zone of measurement is reduced to 1 mm.
  • Laser marking provides a visual indication of the sensor specification data during its entire lifetime.
  • Sensor head cover made of light gray high-strength plastic reduces effect of sunbeam heating of the sensor.

These upgrades together with the traditional DUT-E advantages (bottom spring, screen filter, accuracy and thermal stability) ensure DUT-E’s position as most advanced fuel level sensor in the market.