DFM Installation Video Available

Technoton recorded a new video where complete process of DFM fuel flow meters installation is demonstrated. The movie will be the first in the series about telematics sensors installation.

The video was recorded at Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University (BSATU) training facility. The University is one of the leading educational establishments in the country providing technical specialists for the agriculture and industry sector. Technoton and BSATU are working together to provide better understanding of the telematics development for future agriculture engineers.

In the video, complete installation process is displayed:

  • manometer mounting and pressure measurement,
  • checking percentage of fuel return in total fuel consumption,
  • DFM mounting and connecting to the fuel system,
  • checking fuel pressure after DFM installation,
  • unmounting the manometer and sealing the system.
The video will be useful for both installation specialists and fleet engineers.