DFM fuel flow meters: measurement chamber lifetime increased by half!

Fuel flow meter DFM is the most accurate fuel consumption measurement tool.

Measuring chamber is the main element that affects accuracy and durability of the fuel flow meter. The picture shows measuring chamber working principle. Piston is shown with blue color and the chamber body with grey.

DFM fuel flow meter operating principle The measuring chamber caseRing
Flow meter operation principle, measuring chamber and rotating piston outward appearance
Since April 2015 pistons of DFM measuring chambers are covered with a wear-resistant coating which significantly increases the lifetime of the flow meter measuring chamber.
Furthermore, since April 2015 the meter body is made of a more wear-resistant alloy.
The tests of enhanced DFM meters been conducted by scientists of Physics and Technics Institute of Belarusian National Academy of Sciences. The report of comparative tests says that wear resistance of the enhanced chamber elements with a new coating is 2.8 times higher than previous modification.


Flow meter type Warranty lifetime
(previous modification), l
Warranty lifetime
(with new coating), l
DFM 50, DFM 90, DFM 100,
DFM 100D
70 000 100 000
DFM 220, DFM 250,
DFM 250D
175 000 250 000
DFM 500,
DFM 500D
350 000 500 000
Increase of DFM measuring chamber lifetime by half is a good bonus for integrators using flow meters as a part of vehicle monitoring system and for customer companies willing to implement fuel consumption monitoring of their vehicle fleets.

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