DFM 500 High-Capacity Fuel Flow Meters Available for Order

Fuel flow meter DFM 500

Technoton has prepared a New Year gift for integrators of transport telematics systems. The long expected DFM 500 fuel flow meter has successfully undergone acceptance tests and is approved for delivery.


As can be seen from its designation, DFM 500 is designed for maximum consumption of 500 liters of fuel an hour. This enables to fill the gap in fuel consumption control for high-capacity equipment: quarry trucks, Diesel-powered locomotives, river vessels with engines up to 600 kW.

The new fuel flow meter has an increased 20 ml measurement chamber. The connecting nipple adaptors with M16 thread match the fuel supply pipe with 10-12 mm internal diameter. DFM 500 is fully compatible with previous DFM models − DFM 50/100/250 in its functionality, pulse interface parameters and screen management. That is why, it can be easily integrated to operate with online and offline tracking devices that are most common on the market.

New МК 45 and МК DIFF 20 mounting kits dedicated specifically for high-capacity DFM 250 and DFM 500 fuel flow meters have been released.

The new DFM 500 is not the limit! In 2013 Technoton is planning to launch fuel flow meters with a capacity of 1500 liters an hour. Also, Technoton is developing a new digital interface for fuel flow meters.

Fuel flow meters are historically the first and basic product of Technoton. We have 12 years of experience in the field of fuel flow measurement and development of the three preceding generations of fuel flow meters. Many of our customers still remember such products as DRТ 300, DRТ 4/8, DRТ 5/7.

 Differential fuel flow meter DFM 500D

The current DFM line of fuel flow meters is no doubt the best Technoton product and the most accurate vehicles fuel consumption control instrument.

For the period from 2009 to 2012 Technoton has produced over 50 000 fuel flow meters! In fact, in every region of Russia there is a company that has included fuel flow meters into its price list. Over 500 specialists have already undergone training and obtained Certificates of Flow Meters Installers. Such giant companies as SURGUTNEFTEGAZ, GAZPROM, TATNEFT AND ROSTSELMASH have become our major customers.