Contactless reader CANCrocodile

CANCrocodile allows to get the data about vehicle running from CAN bus without any interruption into the bus integrity.
Data reading is occurred without electrical connection to the wires.
CANCrocodile is used to connect GPS/GLONASS vehicle monitoring systems to the CAN bus which receive information about engine running modes, sensors conditions, troubleshooting and etc.

CANCrocodile doesn`t break CAN wires isolation and “listens” to exchange over the bus with the help of a special wireless receiver.


CANCrocodile is a contactless data reader from the vehicle CAN bus 


CANCrocodile key features

CANCrocodile contactless reader logo

Technical characteristics

Connector pinout

Level of message losses, %, not more   1
Compatibility   SAE J1939
CAN Open
NMEA 2000
Nominal supply voltage*, V   12/24
Cable length*   0.7
Cable construction*   connector

*Basic model. Please refer to the Ordering Information section for details.

CANCrocodile connector pinout

           1 – power "+"
           2 – ground "-"
           3 – CAN-high
           4 – CAN-low

Connection and operation

Getting the data from the CAN bus to GPS/GLONASS system of transport monitoring Example of the CANCrocodile installation on the vehicle



5 years from the date of manufacturing.


Useful links

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The certificate of the electromagnetic compatibility under the rules of UNECE for CANCrocodile (E-mark)

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