Contactless reader 1708Crocodile for j1708 bus

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1708Crocodile contactless reader is designed for safe reception of vehicle operation data from J1708 bus (SAE J1587). The reader functions without direct electric contact with the bus wires.
The mounting of the device is done by putting the bus wires into the “jaw” of the Crocodile without breaking wire insulation or interfering with electronic systems of a car.

1708Crocodile – contactless reader for safe data reception from J1708 vehicle bus

1708Crocodile Features

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Technical Characteristics

Level of message losses, %, not more than 1
Compatibility SAE J1587
Nominal supply voltage*, V 12/24
Cable length*, m 0,7
Cable construction* bare end wires

*Basic model. Please refer to the Ordering Information section for details.



Connection and Application

1708Crocodile can be connected either directly to the tracking device, or through a vehicle data interface.

1708Crocodile provides safe reading of J1708 bus data, transmitting vehicle operation parameters to the tracking device. Among such parameters are fuel consumption, engine operation mode, indicators status, diagnostics codes.

1708Crocodile can receive J1708 bus data in the following vehicles:

  • US manufactured trucks;
  • Volvo vehicles;
  • John Deere tractors;
  • other vehicles with J1708 bus.


5 years from the date of manufacturing.


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