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Compatibility of BLE-sensors with trackers

Wireless data transfer from telematics sensors makes equipment operation much easier on the machinery, where cabling is problematic or risky because of possible wire break.

In addition, it’s quite handy to get data from one sensor to several receivers simultaneously: machinery operator can see data on a display of smartphone, fleet manager can get the information from web-based online telematics service.

Wireless sensors for telematics

Displaying data on a smartphone is straightforward:

  1. for DUT-E S7 fuel level sensors us Fuel tank monitor app
  2. for GNOM S7 axle load sensors – Service S7 GNOM
  3. for DFM S7 fuel flow meters –  Service S7 DFM

Smarpthone app for wireless BLE sensors

But what about GPS vehicle trackers and telematics units? Which to select and how to set up?

Compatible telematics units for Technoton wireless sensors

In addition to CANUp telematics gateways, you can select out of 4 GPS tracker manufacturers:

  • Navtelecom
  • Teltonika
  • Falcom
  • Neomatica

With each manufacturer Technoton have signed bilateral Declaration of conformity and made up Joint operation manual for easy configuration of telematics system.

The Manuals are available for download here:


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