Capacitive sensor you will be impressed with

Capacitive sensor you will be impressed with

In the previous dispatches we compared different types of fuel level sensors, revealed advantages and disadvantages of each. Click here to see

DUT-E  is a capacitive type fuel level sensor designed to measure level of liquid fuel and other nonconductive liquids in a tank of vehicles and stationary objects.


Resolving tasks with DUT-E


Fuel level sensor Dut-E in tank


DUT-E 232: serial RS-232 interface;
DUT-E 485: serial RS-485 interface;
DUT-E CAN: CAN interface;
DUT-E AF: analog/frequency output (1.0-9.0 V/500-1500 Hz).

That allows to integrate DUT-E with almost any existing controller / terminal / GPS tracker in the world.


Features and characteristics/unit structure

Features and characteristics/unit structure DUT-E

DUT-E fuel level sensor is one of the best selling products at Technoton. Over 400 000 DUT-E units have been supplied to our clients in almost 140 countries. 
5 years warranty.

Dut-E certification

Local and international certification. Watch for further mailings, there you will learn about the ways of fuel monitoring, as well as about the narrow and complex moments of fuel telematics.


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