All You Wanted to Know about DP-01 Installation but Were Afraid to Ask!

Technoton would like to present you a video guide on DP-01 axle load sensor installation and application.

In the video guide you will find:

  • sensor principle of operation,
  • examples of received data from vehicle monitoring system,
  • DP-01 installation and application on vehicles with leaf spring suspension for 4×2 and 6×4 wheel arrangement.

Although Technoton axle load sensors have been on the market for several years now, often installation specialists need some kind of visual aids on axle load sensors mounting.

Our new video helps with just that, designed to deliver to both installation specialists and fleet owners demonstrative material on sensor installation for biaxial and triaxial vehicles with leaf suspension.

This is the second video on Technoton sensor installation. We would like to remind you that all our videos are available at our official YouTube channel. You can also visit our Russian and Spanish YouTube channels.

To be continued…