4 ways to save fuel

4 ways to save the fuel

How many ways of fuel control do you know?
We will tell about 4 in this letter!

Ways of savingIt's true!

Technoton is the only company in the world that offers 4 ways to monitor and save your fuel. No matter how difficult the project is, with us you will be able to find the right high-quality equipment!

#1 Control of fuel level in the tank

The easiest and most obvious way to control fuel. It was coined in the 19th century. Most cars on the conveyor are equipped with standard float level sensors, but they (like ultrasonic ones) are inaccurate in comparison with capacitive ones.

Fuel level sensor DUT-E is designed for precision fuel level measurement in all kinds of vehicle tanks, also in tanks of fixed installations.
DUT-E can be used as a part of a fuel monitoring system or to substitute the standard fuel meter.

#2 Getting the fuel from the CAN BUS

The entire modern machine-building industry uses CAN buses, where a lot of information about the work of the vehicle including information about fuel consumption broadcasts. Сontactless reading helps to keep the warranty on the vehicle.

CANCrocodile allows to get the data about vehicle running from CAN bus without any interruption into the bus integrity.
Information about engine running modes, sensors conditions, troubleshooting and etc

#3 Petrol and Gaz Control from the nozzle

Most small commercial vehicles that are operated in the city use petrol or gas as fuel. In this situation it is possible to read the pulses from the injectors while maintaining the warranty.

Nozzle crocodile

NozzleCrocodile reads the control impulses of the engine injector and converts them into normalized impulses that number is proportional to the volume of consumed fuel.

#4 Actual Fuel Consumption Control Through the Fuel line

The most accurate way to control fuel, which can not be deceived. It also allows you to track unused fuel coming from the injectors into the return flow. An additional advantage is the control of a number of engine performance parameters and operating modes.

Flowmeter DFM fuel is embedded in the fuel line and enables to receive objective information about actual fuel consumption and vehicle working time.
It also permits to reduce fuel and repairing costs.

DFM for 4th way fuel control